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Natural Stone Garden

Natural stone courtyard garden, designed and built by Simon Paul Gardens.
A traditional, stunning natural stone patio, plus a luxurious new lawn and walled planters.
Our amazing team have completely transformed our clients garden into a beautiful relaxing outdoor living space.

PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-48 (2).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-49 (1).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-47 (1).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-47 (2).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-48 (4).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-49 (3).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-48 (3).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-50 (5).jpg
PHOTO-2020-10-09-12-56-47 (5).jpg
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